___Have you seen this toaster?

Attention residents of San Antonio street! Anyone find a toaster in their front yard today? I can explain 😂😫

I had two toasters. Though I’m a glutton for gluten I did not need the second. I was trying to gift it to a friend that had zero toasters.

Image may contain: food
Here is the original conversation between Guy Pearce and I that caused me to bring the toaster from Austin to San Marcos. Toaster bags: once the cause of joy and excitement now just a brutal reminder of a cold breadcrumb trail.

No photo description available.
The picture was sent to said friend to indicate I was on the way from Austin with said toaster. I asked her for an address to leave the goods.

That friend has amnesia or whatever issue Guy Pearce had in Memento and she gave me an address she lived at a decade ago. She realized it some time after giving me the address.

But not before my boyfriend and I rolled up to the address. I got out in my shades and mask, walked a few feet into the yard, left the toaster and got back into the car and drove away.

Friend went to check the yard but it was gone and now I feel like the owners saw me from one of their open windows,

and I just want to explain that It’s not my fault.

Also, can you give that to my friend? She lives down the street and still needs a toaster.

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