___It’s been said black folks don’t stick together.

Well I think it’s time we figure that out and do it ASAP. Are black people all about crime and the destruction of community? No. Are black folks happy about black on black crime? No. Are we happy about hate crimes of any kind? No. So by that, we sure as hell are not happy about the killing of an unarmed black man jogging down a road.

I remember when I moved to San Marcos, I think it was around 2004 or 05, I was living off Roger’s street in the historical district. This one morning while all my roommate’s were off at work, I used my one of roommate’s bike to go get some breakfast tacos. On the way back home from purchasing my tacos I noticed an un marked red vehicle with super dark tinted windows following me home. As the car slowly crept behind me, I pulled up to my home, put my bike on the front porch and went inside.

Just like I figured would happen, the vehicle pulls up in front of my house. Three white dudes hop out, approach my home, knock on the door, and ask me all sorts of questions. Then when I ask, “why they are following me?” They identify themselves as police, and tell me, ” Well, We received a report that a little black guy was riding around on a bike and stealing TV’s.”

They threatened to put me in a lineup, and all sorts of shit. Though I didn’t have to, I allowed them to go into my room, and MY ROOM ONLY!!! I had nothing to hide. They destroyed my room, didn’t find anything and then at the end said, “Why do you and your roommates have so many  TV’s anyway???” I said, “3 other people live here and we all own our own.” 

Long story short: they didn’t find shit so they left.

This time it didn’t end in me being harmed at all but, what about next time?


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