__Our little black chair

Since the COVID 19 pandemic began, our family has been isolated in the safety of our home. We have often left items on our chair so people who needed things that we had to share could safely pick them up. We, along with other volunteers, put together food baskets and coordinated efforts with community members to get supplies like toilet paper, hand sanitizer and bleach to individuals who needed it. We have also had friends drop off items for my family. Packages and mail are delivered regularly to our chair. That little chair has become a big part of our daily experience.

My little boy, who is 7, peaks out the window regularly in hopes of catching someone in the act of dropping off an item for our family. Sometimes, there are treats for the kids waiting there when we open the door in the morning. One friend has dropped off gifts for my 18 year old who graduates this year. Graduation won’t be the exciting event we have looked forward to, but it has been made special because my child has received little gifts and notes from people who are supportive. The kids look forward to seeing what little surprises might arrive and are always disappointed if there are no deliveries.

The chair on our porch is nothing special. It’s an old black metal folding chair, but it has become a special place where friends have come to share and support one another during this difficult time in our lives. Each of us have been touched by this experience in some way, but for me and for my family, our experience with COVID 19 has made us more appreciative of the community we have around us. We are grateful for the daily walk to pick up the school lunches that volunteers have put together for the children, we are grateful for the little cards we have received in the mail, and we are grateful to friends who have picked up groceries for us and left them at our door. We are grateful for the opportunity we have had to be a part of this community where we have been a part of giving back in our own way.

It’s strange that something as simple as an old metal chair could be a reminder each day of the good that this community has done, and continues to do for one another. Even though we are inside, safely secured in our apartment where we have few daily conversations with others, what has been shared through our experience has brought many of us closer together, and has helped us not to take the people around us for granted.

Our little chair has shared more love and compassion in the past few months than most of us share with one another in a year. I hope we remember this time and how we came together to make a difference and support one another through our shared adversity.


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