Jehnny’s Diary

Every week I am humbled by my own naivete. A couple weeks ago I literally thought I’d already be working on next month’s zine with some magazine letter cutouts & a free printer from the local Coronavirus trading Facebook group. I was going to scan & publish it page by page on a website so you could still read a zine but wouldn’t get Coronavirus…. but I also really wanted to watch a Quantum Leap marathon last week so I’m a bit behind.

To my delight, however, this has morphed into so much more than I imagined. I have a whole dozen submissions for print consideration & a 90’s style minimal website with courier font that screams internet art anarchy. ✊🏻

So I guess I just want to say, I am striving for a print edition by June & to have a reader built in for the user experience so you’ll be able to turn pages & see it in its original format. I have so many more contributions to pick from than what I thought I would have. I am trying to remind myself this is my art too. I am hoping that it makes sense. I am trying to get back to everyone. & wanting to keep everyone updated. I’m taking this one slow & steady though because I want it to be good. So don’t lose interest because I’m not (unless it’s Scott Bakula month on Comet again.)

The goal of Mayday is to produce two products: a co-op style digital zine platform (presently utilizing WordPress) updated whenever with whatever at, by the community, as well as a curated print zine once a month that represents it, & has print-only content, stickers, one-of-a-kinds, etc.

As I continue to talk to people about this project, my mission becomes clearer. I’ll keep updating you as this evolves, & also continue to remind contributors they can post whatever they want, whenever they want.

Those that know me, know I also own a digital marketing consulting firm, make spontaneous art, poetically wax, have two kids, & am really obsessed with Quantum Leap, so this is a yet another piece to my already manic life, but I will be posting stuff when the urge strikes or someone tells me something cool, & compiling your submissions if you wanna join me in this piece of performance art called life. ❤

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