picture of jen and liz in halloween costumes at a party


mayday publishing 2020

An homage to middle aged riot girls, inspiring a whole new generation of punk in SMTX. Accepting submissions

MAYDAY! is a mixed media, pop culture & opinion curated digital zine based in San Marcos, Texas.

Dear Readers,

I started MAYDAY! because I post too much on facebook & feel like I should use my manic energy to create something meaningful & interesting &entertaining that might inspire some goodness in this dark, sad, quarantined world.

As a 30-something year old chicana woman from Texas, I have watched in horror, & at times, in hope, as this country grew up with me. Sometimes we’re taking huge leaps ahead. Other times, we’re still in a civil war.

This is my attempt to create open source civil discourse, deep thoughts, abstract art, independent publishing, journalism & progress. That’s my kind of anarchism.

For Liz. 4/28/2020