Today’s History Lesson: Juneteenth

Featured image: Celebrating Juneteenth poster by Everett Spruill. 20x 24 acrylic on gallery wrap canvas. Features freed African slaves in front of the capital building. What is Juneteenth?Juneteenth is the most popular day of celebration of emancipation from slavery in the U.S.What is the history of the holiday? On June 19th 1865, Union Major General… Continue reading Today’s History Lesson: Juneteenth


SMTX go get tested! The Texas Division of Emergency Management and the San Marcos Consolidated ISD with the support of the Texas Army National Guard will be offering free mobile COVID-19 testing east of I-35 at Bonham Pre-K, June 14 from 8am-5pm and June 20 from 10am-4pm at Bowie Elementary School. Thanks to Erin Zwiener, Texas State Representative, for helping make this possible. No registration… Continue reading #STOPTHESPREAD SMTX!

Surviving State Violence: A first hand account of police brutality in Austin, Texas

Editor's note: This is an anonymous eye witness account of the recent protests in Austin, Tx following George Floyd's deaths & represents the writer's viewpoints. This story is part of a series. Don't @ me. // xoxo Jehnny Cw: Gore and Violence I am a survivor of APD violence.  During the weekend of 05/29/20, I… Continue reading Surviving State Violence: A first hand account of police brutality in Austin, Texas

Today’s History Lesson: How the U.S. Got Its Police Force

Boston Police watch over the Liberty Bell circa 1903. Library of Congress / Getty Images It would be easy to think that the police officer is a figure who has existed since the beginning of civilization. That’s the idea on display in the proclamation from President John F. Kennedy on the dedication of the week of May 15 as “National… Continue reading Today’s History Lesson: How the U.S. Got Its Police Force

Advice to Class of 2020: Don’t Be A Bystander

Congratulations, Class of 2020! You've graduated, now what? COVID-19 came to your city. You completed the last quarter of the school year online. Your prom was canceled. Your traditional graduation ceremony was canceled. As you were participating in senior car parades on the last weekend of the school year, an African-American man was killed in… Continue reading Advice to Class of 2020: Don’t Be A Bystander