___take up space, you bad bitch

Fitness in the context of rebellion. What the hell does that mean? I’ve sat here staring at this blank doc, chasing down ideas in my head like fireflies, flickering in and out of perspicuity. The “evils” of this industry loom oppressive, and we know them well. I could rail about things like thin-privilege (or cisgender privilege… Continue reading ___take up space, you bad bitch

___A note from Andrew Cuomo:

Want to know the best way to honor our brave health care workers some of whom literally gave their lives to save others? Act responsibly and wear a mask or face covering outside. Good weather is NO excuse for dangerous crowding. ______________________________xoxo Andrew https://www.facebook.com/GovernorAndrewCuomo/photos/a.340271619337391/3240688722628985/?type=1&theater