Advice to Class of 2020: Don’t Be A Bystander

Congratulations, Class of 2020! You've graduated, now what? COVID-19 came to your city. You completed the last quarter of the school year online. Your prom was canceled. Your traditional graduation ceremony was canceled. As you were participating in senior car parades on the last weekend of the school year, an African-American man was killed in… Continue reading Advice to Class of 2020: Don’t Be A Bystander

___It’s been said black folks don’t stick together.

Well I think it's time we figure that out and do it ASAP. Are black people all about crime and the destruction of community? No. Are black folks happy about black on black crime? No. Are we happy about hate crimes of any kind? No. So by that, we sure as hell are not happy… Continue reading ___It’s been said black folks don’t stick together.